Drinking and Your Health


Your health

Alcohol has a range of immediate effects on your body. In the first few hours after drinking, people can become disoriented and lack coordination. Examine how alcohol can result in the loss of control of your body.

Alcohol use can impact on your brain, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, pancreas, kidneys and reproductive organs. Examine information about how alcohol impacts on your body in the long term. Examine an interactive body to explore the effects of alcohol. Read about alcohol poisoning. Read research linking alcohol and cancer.

Brain and heart

Long-term alcohol use can have significant effects on your brain and heart. Explore how alcohol can impact on brain development and functioning. Examine the long-term cognitive deficits caused by alcohol. Read about Alcohol Related Brain Injury. Images of the brain with certain areas indicated in red. A text title over the image states - Low levels of brain activity

Examine an article on alcohol and heart disease. Read about the link between alcohol and stroke. Explore how alcohol impacts on blood pressure and cholesterol.

Liver and Pancreas

The liver and kidneys can be damaged by long-term alcohol use. Examine the link between alcohol and liver disease. Examine symptoms of liver disease.

Liver showing characteristics of alcohol abuse.

Examine how alcohol impacts on the pancreas (pdf 45kb). Read about the types of damage alcohol can cause to kidneys. Explore the impact of alcohol on the body using the Alcohol and Your Body tool.

Activity: Watch and summarise a Catalyst episode.

Activity: Create an annotated diagram on the impacts of alcohol.

Activity: Scenario and discussion - Music festival