Scenario and discussion – Reducing risk

Scenario and discussion – Reducing risk

You are attending a party at a mate’s place which is a fair distance from public transport. You decide not to drink and chose to drive. You give a few of your friends a lift to the party, but make it clear to them that they will have to get home on their own. It’s after midnight, most of the people at the party are pretty wasted, and as one of the only non-drinkers you are a bit over it, and decide to head home. The mates that you drove to the party start to pressure you into giving them a lift into town. Despite the law, you decide to drive them. Your mates grab a few beers for the road. One mate opens a beer and spills it all over you and the driver’s seat. As one of your friends throws a bottle of beer to a mate in the back of the car you are distracted and run a red light. You hear the siren of a police car approaching from behind in the distance. What action do you take?

  • Pull over to the left, turn off the engine, get out of the car and lie on the ground with your hands behind your head.

  • Pull over to the left, slow down and hope the police pass you. If they don’t pass, stop the car and wait for further instructions.

  • Turn into the nearest driveway and tell your friends to get out of the car and hide before the police notice them.

  • Pull over, jump out of the car and run.

Discuss the risks and possible consequences of the following action:

  • Decide to outrun the police so you don’t get pulled over. You endanger the lives of yourself and your friends.