Reducing Risk


A body outline on the road

Risk-taking, pedestrians and cyclists

Teenagers are naturally prone to risk-taking. Risk taking in a safe environment can be a positive experience. You can learn boundaries and have new experiences. When combined with alcohol the consequences of risk-taking can be much more serious.

Drug and alcohol use can exacerbate risk taking behaviour and their use is a significant contributing factor in road crashes, hospitalisations and violent behaviour.

If you are drinking ensure that you engage in low-risk drinking.

Moving between locations may seem like a low risk alternative, but pedestrians can be at risk of drink drivers and low visibility in the dark. It is important for pedestrians to stay off the road. In particular do not sit or lie on the road and be careful near train tracks and buses.

Cyclists also face additional danger when riding at night or under the influence of alcohol. Drink-driving rules apply to bicycle riding.

Activity: Outline risk and protective factors