Sport and Alcohol

Sport and Alcohol

Athletic males running.

Drinking culture

There is a strong association between alcohol and sport in Australia at all levels. Athletes, coaches and associated officials are often captured in the media celebrating a win with alcohol. The issue is whether or not this association creates an environment where athletes and spectators disproportionately misuse alcohol or influence others. Examine the links between team sports and binge drinking.

Drinking alcohol before or during vigorous sports or exercise not only increases the risk that you will perform badly but also that you will injure yourself and other people. Read about the impact of binge drinking on a female Olympic athlete’s body.

Alcohol affects your judgement, accuracy, coordination and reaction times. Alcohol in your body can increase the severity of an injury and slow down recovery. As a result of the severity of the influence of alcohol and athlete performance, some professional sports organisations have taken measures to stop binge drinking. Read about issues related to Mad Monday and sports players.

Alcohol can also influence sporting performance by reducing the ability of your body to regulate food intake, and influencing diet. Explore the Scenario and discussion – Team celebration.

Activity: Create an advertising campaign on team bonding.