Scenario and discussion – end of season

Scenario and discussion – End of season

You and your friends play on the local netball or football team and you are participating in the Grand Final. A big end of season celebration has been planned for after the game at the local club. Dress regulations specify that you are unable to wear your jersey or uniform, so you wear your team’s colours.


Some of the younger team members are only 15 or 16, but you are all sitting in an area where minors are allowed. The coach, a respected member of the community, has taken responsibility for the minors. Most of those who are over 18 are drinking pretty heavily, and are pressuring those under 18 to drink too. They have been buying drinks for them behind the coach’s back. Everyone is getting rowdy, singing the team song and talking and laughing loudly. Some of the other people at the club are starting to give you dirty looks, and the club’s security has asked you to keep the noise down. What action do you take?

  • Tell the coach that the minors have been drinking and call the parents of the minors to come and pick them up. Suggest that you’ve all had enough celebrating for tonight.

  • Tell your friends that you’ll buy the drinks for the minors from now on and ensure that they are only drinking non-alcoholic drinks. Suggest that your friends start drinking water to reduce their alcohol intake.

  • Suggest a change of location, such as going for dinner to try to reduce the effect the alcohol is having on the team.

  • Suggest that you take the party back to your house where you can make as much noise as you like without disturbing anyone.

Discuss the risks and possible consequences of the following action:

  • Continue drinking and making noise until you all get kicked out or barred from your local club.



  • How would the behaviour of the team reflect on the local sporting club and your team’s management and the coach?

  • What role does peer pressure take in celebrating as a team?

  • What might be some alternative celebrations for an end of season night out?