Create an advertising campaign on safe celebrating

Create an advertising campaign on safe celebrating

Research in your local area has shown a history of alcohol-related incidents occurring after sporting events, particularly the important games like semifinals and grandfinals. It has also shown that there is a high proportion of team sports players involved in these incidents. A local organisation has decided to create a campaign on how to celebrate a win, or bond with your sports team in a safe way.


In groups of 3 or 4, create an advertising campaign on safe celebrations involving the theme of sport and team bonding. You will need to create a video with relevant footage or still shots, and a catchy jingle to be played over the video. Alternatively, you may choose to perform your advertisement as a role play in front of the class.

Write the lyrics

  • Determine the main ideas that you want to get across to the audience.

  • Try to create rhyming phrases to link together the main ideas.

  • Sort your rhyming phrases into verses and a chorus.


Create the backing track (optional)

  • If you play an instrument you may choose to write a backing track for your jingle.

  • Alternatively you may simply create a rhythm for your song.


You can use Audacity to record your song. You will need to use a microphone to record your song. You can use the built in microphone on your computer, or an external microphone. Be sure to record in a quiet location for optimum results. Position your mouth approximately 10-15 centimetres away from the microphone. Save your jingle.

Develop a short story or a series of scenes that portray a positive message about ways to celebrate and bond with team mates. Write a script and allocate people in your group to roles. Perform the scenes and record them using a video camera.


Alternatively you may choose to copy scenes from a video site such as Teacher tube.


Once you have finished filming you can use Adobe Premiere Elements to edit your video. Place your audio file from your jingle into the video file and allow the length of the jingle to determine the length of your video. You may like to add some effects to your footage.