Sport and Alcohol


A spectator declining to drink another beer

Spectators’ behaviour

Australia has a strong culture of drinking while watching sport, but many people do not realise that when drinking as a spectator, you are subject to the same rules at a sporting venue as you are at a bar. For example, if you are underage, drunk or violent you will be removed from the grounds. To make the most of your experience as a spectator you should try one or all of the following strategies:

- eat before or while you are drinking

- pace yourself

- drink slowly and one drink at a time

- ensure there is a designated driver

- look out for your friends

- drink water

Examine the “Know when to declare” initiative to reduce binge drinking at the cricket. Explore the increasing problem of drunk women at the races. Examine drunken behaviour at the Australian Open.

Activity: Create a spectator etiquette booklet