Sport and Alcohol


Stadium showing advertising

Alcohol sponsorship and Advertising

Alcohol misuse by athletes receives significant attention in the Australian media, for example, in Rugby League. These are isolated examples of poor behaviour, and studies have shown athletes actually drink much less than the average person.

Whilst enjoying a drink is often portayed as part of celebrating a victory and team bonding, there are many other ways to be part of a team. In fact, some sports organisations have strict anti-binge drinking policies in place such as the AFL under the National Alcohol Code of Conduct.

Alcohol companies have a long history of partnership and sponsorship with sporting clubs and players, in Australia and around the world. However, debate grows on whether advertising can be held responsible for binge drinking and how sponsorship for athletes can potray the wrong message to young athletes. Examine the influence of alcohol sponsors on athletes in Australia.

Many sports rely on the funding from alcohol sponsorship and advertising to survive. If alcohol advertising was banned then alternative funds would have to be found. Read about concerns about the withdrawal of alcohol sponsorship for motor racing.

Activity: Examine the pros and cons of sport sponsorship