Sexual Activity and Alcohol

Sexual Activity

A woman experiencing regrets.

Sexual activity and alcohol

Decisions to have a sexual relationship can be complex. If you are thinking of having sex for the first time you should consider these issues.

It is important to remember both partners need to agree to have sex, no one has the right to force you to have sex, you always have the right to say no, and it is okay to change your mind. You should always consider safer sex and also think about findings of research that shows that the majority of young people are not sexually active.

Alcohol and sexual behaviour are often linked. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, and some young people are more likely to make poor decisions such as the choice to engage in sexting or posting pictures online when they are drunk. Examine the issue of sexting. Read about the consequences of sexting. Sex, alcohol and other drugs are also linked. Examine the effects of alcohol on sexuality. Examine how young people regret sexual experiences under the influence of alcohol. Examine Joslin’s story of regret after mixing alcohol and sex.

Activity: Groupwork on Joslin's story.