Sexual Activity and Alcohol


A girl in bed holding a stop sign.

Unwanted sex, alcohol and consent

On a night out, where you are meeting new people and alcohol is present there is a higher risk of unwanted sex. You have the right to decide what you are comfortable with, but after a few drinks you are less likely to be able to take control in any uncomfortable situations.

If someone is too affected by alcohol or drugs to clearly communicate and decide whether or not they want to engage in sexual activity, then they can’t give “informed consent”. Anyone who has sex with a person who is affected in this way is committing sexual assault and possibly rape. Learn about alcohol and consent.

You need to be sure that your partner is freely agreeing to engage in any type of sexual activity before you go ahead. If you aren’t sure, you risk committing sexual assault. You should be able to identify the warning signs of unwanted sex.

It is not possible for someone who is drunk to give their consent. Alcohol increases sexual risk and the risk of sex with regrets. The potential for drink spiking and date rape also increases when drinking. Explore the Scenario and discussion: Date rape

Activity: Develop a safety plan for unwanted sex.