Political and Legal Responses

Legal responses

Laws related to alcohol

Laws are rules determined or recognised by parliament or the judicial system. The Liquor Act 2007 specifies the laws in NSW which relate to alcohol and minors.

Refusing service.

Examine laws related to the entry of minors and underage drinking on licensed premises. Explore secondary supply laws. It is an offence to supply alcohol to an intoxicated person (pdf 444KB).

Alcohol and transport

The Road Transport Act 1999 outlines the laws related to drink driving, random breath testing, detention of vehicles and sobriety tests. Drink driving has serious legal consequences and penalties. Examine laws related to drinking and driving on the My Nite website. Examine what happens when you get random breath tested. Read about the R U over it? Campaign.

A police breath test

Anti-social behaviour

Offensive conduct refers to behaviour that causes anger, disgust, or outrage to another. Alcohol is a significant factor in offensive conduct cases. Read an example of alcohol-related violence. Examine trends in offences by 18-year old males. Examine Police responses to violent disorder. Offensive conduct.

Examine the high rate of incarceration for juvenile offenders in NSW. Examine the role of the Youth Drug and Alcohol Court.

Activity: Predict the consequences of having a criminal record

Activity: Create a policing hot spot map for your local area.

Activity: Scenario and discussion - the pub brawl