Scenario and discussion

Scenario and discussion – Anti-social behaviour

You are out for the night with a group of friends. As one of your friends returns from the bar they accidentally spill their drinks all over another group sitting at a nearby table. While your friend apologises, they seem a bit more interested in replacing their drinks than cleaning up the mess they have caused. Throughout the night the two groups become more hostile towards each other. A couple of your friends start discussing what they plan to do to the group outside in the car park.


What action do you take at this point?

  • Go home. You don’t want to get involved in fight over something so petty.

  • Notify the hotel security that there may be a fight very soon in the car park and call the police.

  • Try to convince your friends that it’s not worth it. Tell them that you are going to stay inside with your other friends if they choose to fight.

  • Go outside with your friends to make sure they don’t get hurt too badly, but don’t participate in the fight.


Discuss the risks and possible consequences of the following actions:

  • Lead your friends outside, swearing and kicking over chairs as you leave the building. Get involved in a fight that ends with the police and ambulance being called, and being barred from the hotel.



  • What factors will influence the decision you make?

  • How could the consequences vary with each action?

  • What are the barriers or challenges to getting involved in solving this problem?

  • What are the legal implications of being involved in anti-social behaviour such as fighting?

  • What are the possible consequences of pub brawls for anyone who gets involved?

  • What would be the best way dealing with the scenario?