Create a policing hot spot map

Create a policing hotspot

Examine a site such as Google maps, or WhereIs, and locate your neighbourhood. Zoom in until you have a view which shows the whole of your suburb. Take a screenshot of the map. In Fireworks or Photoshop, paste your map into a new file.


  1. In red, mark all the licensed premises in the area. Include pubs, clubs, licensed restaurants, bottle shops, etc.

  2. In pink mark out the main streets of your local area.

  3. In orange mark out any major transport hubs, bus or train stops.

  4. In yellow mark out any local parks, alleys, carparks, lanes or malls.

  5. Are there any other areas where people tend to hang-out at night time in your area? Mark these on your map in yellow.

  6. In green mark out the nearest Police Station. If there is no Police Station in your neighbourhood, put a green arrow indicating the direction of the nearest one on the edge of your map.

  7. Examine the areas you have marked. Are there areas that may be more likely to be crime spots? Label the areas using the text tool.


When you have finished your policing hot spot map, copy and paste it into a new Microsoft Word document.


Devise a policing plan for managing alcohol-related incidents in your area.

  • Which areas would you target?

  • What strategies would you use to carry out the plan?


In your Microsoft Word document, write a 1-2 paragraph summary of your policing plan for the area.