Political and Legal Responses

Political responses

Local government

Local governance: Governance at a smaller, community scale, led by local councillors.

Local Councils involvement in initiatives to reduce problem drinking include the Local Government Drug Information Project and Community Drug Action Teams. Examine the use of Alcohol Free Zones,where police have powers to confiscate or tip out alcohol. Read about suggestions to limit trading hours. Read about some additional initiatives the City of Sydney has introduced at night to manage the increased number of visitors.

State government

State government: Governance at the state level led by a Premier, State Members and Ministers.

The State Government has actively tried to address the issue of binge drinking. Explore the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing website. Read about the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority. Visit the Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office website. Visit the State Library of NSW's Drug Info site and their alcohol info site. Examine the “Three Strikes” disciplinary scheme.

Federal government

Federal government: Governance at a larger scale, led by the Prime Minister, Federal Members and Ministers.

The National Drug Strategy is an example of a national program to address problem drinking. Examine Federal Councils such as the Australian National Council on Drugs. Read about the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy, and the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs and the Federal Advisory Bodies related to drugs and alcohol.

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Activity: Interview a local resident about the impacts of alcohol.

Activity: Write a question without notice.

Activity: Take the Political and Legal Quiz