Create a brochure about the important principle of RSA

Create a brochure about the important principles of RSA

All staff working in bars and clubs must complete Responsible Service of Alcohol training.


Examine some of the following documents to learn about RSA in Australia.


Services practices

Liquor promotions guidelines

Liquor law signs


Use Microsoft Publisher to create a brochure which describes the main objectives of the Responsible Service of Alcohol Course. Outline the reasons why RSA is important, and the possible consequences if it is not adhered to.


An image of a brochure divided into 3 columns, with pictures and text indicated and a heading of "Responsible service of alcohol".

Using Microsoft Publisher

When you open Microsoft Publisher a number of templates will be available. Select Brochures from the Most Popular section. Choose a brochure template and double click to open the file. Replace the information in the template with your own text and images.

When you have finished your brochure, turn the Publisher file into a PDF. To do this, select the File tab in the ribbon and select Save. A new window will open. Towards the bottom of the window is “Save as type:”, with a drop down box next to it. From the drop down box PDF. You should also save a copy of your file as .pub (Publisher) in case you need to make any changes later.