Licensed Premises

Your responsibilities

Before you go out

Plan your trip, or take advantage of the new late night transport network, to ensure you don't get stranded.

Someone getting into a cab.

Ensure you'll gain entry to your chosen venue by dressing appropriately and carrying an acceptable form of identification. There are strict penalties for using false or fraudulent IDs. You will be refused entry if you choose to preload before going out.

Enjoying your night

Food affects your alcohol absorption rate, so eat a proper meal. Drink sensibly, don't drink to get drunk. Be aware of standard drinks, so that you know how much you have consumed. Strict penalties apply for supplying alcohol to a minor or intoxicated person.

A bar meal - burger and chips

Explore the 10 Step Guide to a Great Night Out.

At the end of the night

Learn how to know when you've had enough to drink. Leave in a quiet, orderly fashion, go to the toilet before you leave, and don't damage any property.

Blurred vision

If you are intoxicated or violent towards others you may be barred or be subject to a formal banning order (including life bans). Examine the “Take the hint. Call it a night, without the fight” advertisement from NSW Police.

Construct a decision tree on the consequences of poor transport planning.

Activity: Create a role play about a night out.

Activity: Take the "What are you doing to yourself" quiz?