Binge Drinking and Partying

Binge drinking

A person drinking to excess.

What is binge drinking?

Binge drinking is drinking with the aim of becoming intoxicated by heavy consumption over a short period of time. Some adults drink alcohol as a way to relax or celebrate events in their life. Such drinking habits can involve responsible drinking or binge drinking. Binge drinking can have negative effects on the individual and the community. Binge drinking is particularly dangerous when alcohol is mixed with other substances like drugs.

For individuals binge drinking is often associated with family history; impulsive personality traits; depression or anxiety; youth; and, positive expectations about the effects of alcohol.

Environmental and societal factors also contribute to binge drinking. These include the popularity of prefuelling or pre-loading; the ability to buy alcohol in large quantities; alcohol advertising; and, norms developed by families, friends and communities. Watch the video Behind the News: Binge Drinking. Examine binge drinking behaviour in rural communities and indigenous communities.

Activity: Create a presentation about the dangers of prefuelling.