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Schoolies and music festivals

In order to make sure you and your friends are safe and have the best time at events such as schoolies it is important that you abide by the laws and customs of the area you are visiting, and avoid dangerous situations.

Some ways to make sure you have the best time at schoolies are to plan your trip, be safe, watch your mates, keep the vibe happy and avoid people who are out for a fight. For tips on situations to avoid at schoolies, see the following real situations.

Alcohol at music festivals is regulated in the same way as it is at hotels, bars and clubs, and must not be served irresponsibly, to people under the age of 18, or to people who are intoxicated.

As well as alcohol, drugs are often a concern at music festivals. Possessing and using illicit drugs at festivals is illegal and can lead to health problems, overdose and arrest. Finally the combination of heat and physical exertion (e.g. dancing) can result in heat stroke, sunburn and dehydration. Examine how to avoid a health emergency, and tips to consider at the Big Day Out.

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