Binge Drinking and Partying


People partying and enjoying drinks in moderation


Everyone loves a great party but sometimes they get out of hand. The consequences of parties going wrong can be traumatic – from home damage and expensive losses; to violence, legal issues and psychological trauma. An example of a party gone wrong is Corey’s party.

Parties that go wrong are usually poorly planned and disorganised. Good planning can reduce the risk of potential problems before the party begins, saving difficulties later on. Police have identified a number of tips to help ensure your party doesn’t get out of hand.

As host, you need to ensure that all your guests are safe and having fun. This includes inviting only people that you want to have at your party, stopping gatecrashers, providing food and water, and calling 000 in the case of an emergency. If you’re the guest, look out for your friends, respect other people’s property, and make sure you have a safe way to get home.

Here are a number of tips for safe partying.

Activity: Plan your own party