Binge Drinking and Partying

Risk taking

A broken bottle

Risk taking and violence

Binge drinking influences the ability to make smart decisions and promotes risk taking and violence. There are many high-risk activities that might seem like fun when you’re drunk but can have serious consequences. See what can happen when you make careless mistakes.

Young people who binge drink are more likely to engage in high-risk drinking that may result in hospitalisation; use illicit drugs; drive dangerously; behave violently; and, engage in unwanted or dangerous sexual activity. Drinking too much may encourage you to start fights about things that might not seem important the next day. Read about some of the factors that link youth binge drinking and violence. Watch the video: NSW Crackdown on Teen Drinking.

Taking risks can lead to much more than a bad hangover. Drinking too much means you run the risk of having problems with police, getting in trouble with your parents, or seriously harming yourself and others. The consequences of drinking can be both short and long term. For example how posting photos of partying on Facebook can influence your career.

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