Social and Economic Impacts

Social costs

Trends in alcohol use

Alcohol has become more readily available in terms of alcohol content, times and places available. Examine long term trends in alcohol use. Explore statistics from the ABS on alcohol consumption.

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Certain behaviours don’t meet community expectations of acceptable behaviour. These impact negatively on local communities. Estimates on the cost of alcohol to society have ranged from $3.8 billion to $36 billion.

Impact on the community

Noise from venues can come from patrons leaving, bands or DJs. However, disputes regarding noise and disturbance can be resolved. Examine regulations about noise pollution in the City of Sydney.

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Unacceptable behaviours include shouting, glassing attacks, offensive language, indecent exposure, property damage, fighting, public urination, and shootings.

Impact on families and communities

Excessive alcohol use can have a range of impacts on the individual and their family.

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The death or injury of a loved one as a result of alcohol can impact on their family, school and community. Alcohol can contribute to problems within families such as isolation, neglect, aggression, financial problems and emotional impacts. Alcohol-related violence is an increasingly serious problem.

Activity: Report on trends on alcohol consumption over time.

Activity: Mind map possible complaints from community members living near licensed premises.

Activity: Scenario and discussion: The end of the night.