Social and economic impacts scenario

End of the night scenario

You are out at a local pub with your friends when the bartender calls last drinks. You are having a great time and are not ready for the night to end. Some of your friends buy drinks and put them in their pocket to drink outside the pub. As you leave the pub and start walking home/to the taxi rank/ to a friend’s house, some of your friends start yelling. On the walk people in the group kick letterboxes, throw bottles and one stops to urinate in someone’s front yard. Someone who joined the group starts swearing at and shoving your closest friend. It starts to get out of hand and the Police are called.


What action do you take?

  • Give your friends a lecture about community standards and expectations.

  • Quietly jump into a taxi or head to the train or bus stop to get away from the situation.

  • Call a responsible adult to come and pick you up.

  • Convince your more sensible friends that this is not the correct way to behave and that you don’t want to be part of this scenario. Make a decision to leave your other friends behind.

  • Joke around with your friends, but subtly try to convince them to settle down.


Discuss the risks and possible consequences of the following actions:

  • Join in the havoc your friends are creating by antagonising people who have been drinking and give the Police and security a mouth full of abuse.



  • Explain how do the actions of you and your friends impact on the homes located near licensed premises?

  • Would you actually enjoy a night out that ended in this way? What might be some better ways to end the evening?

  • Describe the standards of behaviour that you think are important in your community? Does your behaviour meet these expectations?