Mind map possible community complaints.

Mind map possible community complaints

Local communities can be impacted on when you and your mates have a big night out. Noise from people leaving clubs can disturb neighbourhoods, and intoxicated people can damage property or urinate in the street. There are a range of more serious issues which can impact on the wider community. The time of police and ambulance officers is spent on avoidable issues like drink driving, drunken brawls and assaults. Families of binge drinkers suffer stress and torment dealing with the issues of their loved ones.


A mind map with "Community concerns about licensed premises" in the centre. The following are joined to the centre node: "Impacts on individuals", "Impact on families", "Impact on business", Impact on health services" and "Impact on police".


Create a mind map which outlines the impacts of drunken or anti-social behaviour on the local community. Use Freemind to make your mind map. Open the Freemind program on your laptop. Begin with the main idea you are examining in the middle. For example, “Impacts on the community”. Insert child nodes and sibling nodes to record your main points. You may like to refer to the basic mind map above to help you start. Add extra branches from each of the 5 main ideas.


When you have completed your mind map, discuss it with the person next to you. Add any extra ideas to your mind map. Consider ways that these complaints could be avoided. Are there ways that you or your friends could change your behaviour to ensure that complaints are not made?


What if I don’t have Freemind?

Freemind is installed on the DER laptops.

If you are using a different machine, you can download it from Freemind.

If you do not have administrator privileges on the computer you are using, and are unable to install programs, online mind mapping programs are available, such as bubbl.us.