Social and Economic Impacts

Economic costs

Costs to services – law and order

Police deal with serious incidents and increasingly, the time of police is being spent on alcohol-related crime in NSW. People affected by alcohol often target their aggression towards the Police, resulting in Police assaults.

A police car pulled up in a mall, and a Police sign.

Read about the Last Drinks Campaign. Examine the opinions of Police and healthworkers about alcohol-related incidents.

Costs to services - health

Alcohol related injuries result in the use of medical and hospital resources. Young people affected by alcohol make up a growing proportion of hospitalisations. Traditionally males have been more likely to be hospitalised as a result of alcohol-related incidents, but the number of young drunk women in hospitals is increasing at an alarming rate. The combination of alcohol and inexperienced drivers results in regular traffic incidents, often involving fatalities. Examine the RTA's drink driving accident statistics.

Costs to business

The economic costs of alcohol can extend to businesses through increased absenteeism, reduced efficiency of employees and alcohol-induced brain impairment.

Coins and notes

Employees who work in the hospitality industry tend to finish work late at night or early in the morning and have ready access to alcohol.

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Activity: Write a letter to your Member of Parliament

Activity: Blog about the impact of incidents on your community.

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