Implementation Guide

Schools have the flexibility of implementing Out Tonight? Party Right as part of the Crossroads course at their discretion. Different schools will want to implement the course in different ways depending on their circumstances.


Each of the lessons is available separately through Tale, and some teachers may choose to use a lesson outside of the Crossroads course in Commerce, or Legal Studies for example.


The implementation guide provides a brief overview of what is in the Out Tonight? Party Right program and suggestions for implementing the program in schools.

Download the Out Tonight? Party Right _Implementation guide (.docx 732kB)

Download the Out Tonight? Party Right _resource summary (.docx 14kB)

In implementing any program with teenagers designed to reduce alcohol related harm schools should keep in mind the following:

- There is no agreed safe level of alcohol consumption for people under 18 years of age.

- It is important in teaching about alcohol not to perpetuate a peer group of problem drinkers that doesn’t necessarily exist. NSW surveys demonstrate that most children between the ages of 12 and 17 either don’t drink or only consume small amounts. Social norms theory suggests that individuals assume that the most memorable, often problem behaviour is representative of the majority. This false belief can be a driver towards individuals enacting problem behaviours as they try to adhere to what they think is the norm.