Out Tonight? Party Right

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Have you heard of young people going out for a night out and things have gotten out of hand? Have they woken up the next morning and had regrets about what has happened the night before? Use these materials to learn how to have fun, celebrate safely, and stay on the right side of the law.

Explore websites, complete activities, discuss scenarios and take quizzes in the lessons. Watch videos about the issues related to alcohol in the community. Play games that will inform you about alcohol, drugs and gambling, and learn to Party Right.


There are a range of key issues related to partying right. This collection of lessons will allow you to explore a variety of websites and complete a range of activities related to alcohol in our society. Gain the information you need to party safely, take care of your body, and behave within the law and community expectations.

Binge DrinkingDrinking and your health Sport and Alcohol Political and legal responses Sexual activity and Alcohol Social and economic impacts Reducing risk Licensed Premises


There are many videos exploring responsible drinking online.  Here is a selection to help you gain a better understanding of the dangers of partying and the importance of your responsibilities. Select a video to view it.

Drinkwise.org – Australia's drinking culture Drinkwise.org – Professor Ian Hickie Police interview - Don't be a Michael Supply means Supply - Bottleshop Supply means Supply - Party More videos


Play the games below to address the issues of alcohol, drugs and gambling. The games will require you to calculate standard drinks, determine the risks in different types of gambling, and make choices about different types of activities to be involved in. They will also provide you with information about the impacts of alcohol and drug consumption. Please note that Talk About Alcohol is a UK program that refers to UK laws and statistics.

Don't turn a Night Out into a Nightmare Talk about Alcohol- Think for Yourself


Supporting material for teachers and presenters such as handouts and Powerpoint templates, information to be distributed to parents, and links to curriculum and additional contacts can be explored.

Curriculum linksHow to implement Templates Parents guide and Information flyer Liquor Accords

Out Tonight? Party Right includes links to several external websites (Australian and international) to provide a mix of potential information resources. While the Government does not control these external websites and their advertising we actively monitor this website to ensure content remains appropriate for senior high school students.